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Florida State Statutes require that all motor vehicles, vessels, mobile homes and trailers in Florida be registered and/or titled. All Florida residents can renew their motor vehicle license plate, mobile home, vessel, or disabled person parking placard registration in person at our office in Pompano Beach or by fax, mail, or email. And you can always call us at 954-970-3857!


Auto Tags & Renewals

Broward County Auto Tags offers an express 1 day tag and title service at an affordable price. Just think of it: no more waiting in line at the courthouse or struggling to complete confusing applications! Just sit back and relax as our experienced staff takes care of the paperwork. We can even replace your registration for you!

New Tags

New tags are required for any new or used vehicle or vessel purchased by you. If you are a new Florida resident, you are required to register your vehicle within ten days.

How to Register or Renew your Vehicle:

Documents Required
Proof of Insurance
Vin #
Plate #

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We accept:

Transfer Tags

We are able to facilitate in the transfer of your tag from one vehicle to another.

Personalized Tags

Your choice may include letters, numbers, a space or hyphen as characters. License plates that have 5 characters, 5 is the maximum number allowed. License plates that have 7 characters may have an additional space or hyphen. Requests with obscene or objectionable words will be rejected. If a personalized license plate has been issued and later determined to be obscene or objectionable, the department may recall the license plate. Any request for a personalized license plate that conflicts with our present numbering system or other valid license plates will not be authorized. Click here to view all Florida specialty auto tags.

Broward County Auto Tag Services - Florida Specialty Tags

Specialty Tags

Specialty license plates cost a set fee (annually) above the standard Florida license plate, and the fees vary based on the type of license plate. These additional funds go to support the cause for which the specialty license plate was designed. For more information, see Specialty License Plate Report.

Registrations for vehicles, vessels, trailers and mobile homes

Under state law, if you own a motor vehicle registered in Florida, you must renew your tag (vehicle registration) each year by midnight of your birthday. If the vehicle is registered in a company name, it will probably renew in June. If it is leased, the month of renewal may vary. Trucks with an empty weight over 5000 pounds renew in December.
If you own a mobile home, you must renew your registration by December 31. If you own a vessel that is registered in Florida, it will expire midnight of your birthday or June 30 if in a company name.

Commercial Vehicles

For trucks weighing 5,000 lbs. or less, if the shipping weight is not available on the manufacturer’s certificate of origin a certified weight affidavit from a weighing station is required. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) as declared by the owner, is required on all truck-tractors and trucks weighing over 5000 pounds.
For heavy trucks with net weight of 5001-7999 lbs., GVW is calculated by adding the net weight of the truck and the truck’s load. For heavy trucks with net weight of 8000 lbs. up and truck-tractors, the GVW is calculated by adding the net weight of the truck or truck-tractor and its load to the net weight of the trailer and its load.

Special Military Rates

View tags available for Service Members and Veterans.

Disabled Person Parking Permits

Disabled person parking permits are issued to persons who have been medically certified to have long-term, permanent or temporary mobility impairment, or who are certified legally blind or temporarily sight-impaired.
In addition, disabled person parking permits may be issued to organizations that provide transportation services to disabled persons.
The disabled person parking permit must be hung on the rearview mirror of the vehicle used to transport the disabled person(s), when parked in a designated disabled person parking space.
You can renew disabled person parking placard registration in person, or by mail.

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